USSouthcom Supports National Relief, Logistics and Warehousing Programme

On Friday January 8, 2021, the ODM received a donation of a forklift from the USSOUTHCOM Humanitarian Assistance Programme (HAP) Project.

Maintenance and management of the ODM’s warehouses is essential for the optimization of preparedness, response and recovery post hazard impacts. Storage and distribution of emergency supplies and relief items require the use of a forklift to ensure that these functions are carried out effectively and efficiently while reducing the exposure of workers to occupational harm when handling bulky items.

Fitzroy Pascal, National Disaster Coordinator, stated that “The ODM is indeed grateful and appreciates the donation of a forklift from the USSOUTHCOM which will significantly improve the efficiency of operations in the warehouses at the ODM and contribute to the enhancement of the national relief, logistics and warehousing programme on a whole. The forklift was put into operation immediately by the Disaster Office”.

The ODM, on behalf of the National Disaster Management System, expresses thanks to the USSOUTHCOM HAP for their continued support and dedication to the advancement of Comprehensive Disaster Management in Dominica and look forward to future collaborations.