Satellite Emergency Operation Centers (EOCs) and Disaster Relief Warehouses (DRW)

Best practices emerging from past events such as Hurricane Maria and Tropical Storm Erika highlighted the need to decentralize operations through the establishment of satellite or mini-Emergency Operation Centers and Disaster Relief Warehouses.

Castle Bruce and Cotton Hill EOCs and DRWs (Completed)

The US Southern Command financed the construction of two (2) EOCs - one in Castle Bruce at a cost of $2.4 Million (XCD) and the other at Cotton Hill Portsmouth at a cost of $4 million (XCD). Construction of the EOC / DRW at Castle Bruce began in March 2021. This facility is now completed and ready to begin supporting disaster management operations. The Cotton Hill Emergency Operation Centre and Disaster Relief Warehouse expected completion is March 2022.

Capuchin EOC and Resource Centre

Communication, backup power and water backup system installed.

Global Affairs Canada (GAC) financed the establishment of a 3rd EOC / Resource Centre at Capuchin at a cost of XCD $200,000. The GAC project also includes the establishment of a communication network from the EOC at the Capuchin Emergency Shelter and along the west coast to the main EOCs. This project is expected to be completed by March 2022.

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