ODM Conducts District Disaster Management Committees After-Action Review

ODM Conducts District Disaster Management Committees After-Action Review

The Office of Disaster Management convened an after-action review (AAR) of the District Disaster Management Committees emergency operations during the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season on Friday December 17, 2021, at the ODM Headquarters in Jimmit.

The objectives of the AAR were to highlight the successes of operations and document the best practices, to identify the challenges and gaps in coordination, to discuss solutions aimed at addressing the challenges and gaps identified and to develop a joint plan of action for implementing the feasible recommendations put forward.

In his opening remarks, the National Disaster Coordinator, Mr Fitzroy Pascal noted that “the end of the season is not a signal to let down our guards as we are operating in a multi-hazard environment. While weather events affect the island more frequently, the Disaster System and the general public should keep in mind other hazards such as volcano, earthquake and the on-going COVID 19 pandemic”. Mr Pascal went on to highlight the valuable contribution of Disaster Committees during the hurricane season and extends appreciation for their work

Mr Glenroy Toussaint, the Local Government Commissioner in his comments highlighted the tremendous work of volunteers especially shelter managers. He noted that “at the community level every effort should be made to build resilience to hazards in an effective and efficient manner through a collaborative effort”.

Members of the disaster committees provided valuable feedback on operations during the 2021 hurricane season. Some of the recommendations put forward by committee members include: harmonizing damage assessment and trainings with the ODM and key partners, a recognition system for volunteers and development and maintenance of a database to support planning and decision making.