Important Reminders

  1. Pay close attention to the information provided by the Dominica Meteorological Service and the Office of Disaster Management.
    Staying informed is a critical part of your preparedness activity over the next few days. Do not wait to hear intensity to prepare.
  2. Take the time to check your homes – roof, windows, doors and cut overhang trees.
  3. Clear drains and waterway around your home and community to reduce flooding.
  4. Ensure that important documents are protected in waterproof bags or containers in the event of flooding
  5. Check on your emergency kit and ensure it has the necessary supplies, medication, water, mask, sanitizer, food items and water.
  6. Be mindful that flash flooding and landslides are possible during times of heavy rainfall. (Landslides are highly likely as we are coming out of a relatively dry period where grounds may be compromised or developed cracks).
  7. Stay alert during times of heavy rainfall. People who live along waterways including rivers and ravines should be vigilant and be aware of their surroundings during rain events. Be ready to move to a safe area if rising water is observed.
  8. People living in areas prone to landslides and falling rock should be on alert and exercise extreme caution. Seek shelter early in a safer location.
  9. Use caution on water-covered roads and bridges.
  10. Avoid areas subject to flash flooding.
  11. Persons are strongly discouraged to avoid walking, swimming or driving through flood waters.
    Just 6 inches of fast-moving water can knock you down and 1 foot of fast-moving water can sweep your vehicle away
  12. Be mindful of flying debris during times of gusty winds especially across roadways and in elevated areas.
  13. Know where your emergency shelter is located make necessary plans to move to a shelter if this service is available.
  14. Mariners and fisher folks are advised to keep updated on sea conditions.
    Secure fishing vessels and other equipment by Thursday night.
  15. People who live on the coastlines should keep updated on sea conditions and be on the alert. Be ready to move to a safe area if rough seas and storm surge threaten your property.
  16. Ensure that hurricane season plans are finalized and ready for activation to protect life, property and livelihood.
  17. Be prepared for possible disruption of plans in the coming days.

For preparedness information go to the ODM website: | Facebook page: ODMDominica1 | call ODM Telephone: (767) 266-4412



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