End of 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season

End of 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season

The 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season ended on November 30, 2022. Thankfully, Dominica was once again spared form any significant impact from tropical cyclones.

However, the island did not escape impact from the normal November Trough Systems. On 6 November 2022, a trough system produced in excess of 14 inches (355mm) of rainfall over the eastern section of Dominica. This high intensity rainfall resulted in flooding, landslides, loss of livelihood, damage to infrastructure and loss of a loved one.

We cannot emphasize enough that preparedness planning is not just for storms and hurricanes (i.e. tropical cyclones), but a year-round activity for all hazards. There is the need to be aware of daily weather conditions and importantly the vulnerabilities that exist in your community and even in your homes.

What can you do to reduce impact

  1. Regularly inspect your home and community and take note of conditions that could become hazardous during rain or other hazard events.
  2. Address critical issues where possible or seek assistance
  3. Support disaster committees to create disaster plans of your community
  4. Make use of trainings offered on disaster preparedness
  5. Support community simulation exercises
  6. Protect early warning equipment in your area

Contact the Office of Disaster Management for more information - 266-4412 and/or email us odm@dominica.gov.dm.

Visit website at: www.odm.gov.dm



Trough System November 6th 2022

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