History of Tsunami in the Caribbean

Date Area Location of Effect Height (m) Description of Effects
01/11/1755 Lisbon, Portugal Saba
St Martin
Antigua and Dominica
Santiago de Cuba
A teletsunami, which was generated by an earthquake of the coast of Lisbon Portugal, travelled across the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean sea affecting some countries. 7 m waves were observed in Saba, 4.5 m waves in St Martin, in Dominica and Antigua 3.6 m waves were reported, and in Barbados 1.5-1.8 m were observed where the waves had a period of 5 minutes and the water was black as ink. This could have been a local landslide tsunami or a seiche triggered by the Lisbon wave. In Martinique reports surfaced that the sea had withdrawn 1.6 km and in other places the water rises so high that it flowed into upper level homes. Other French island were inundated. In Santiago de Cuba the waves destroyed building along the beach.
11/03/1874 Lesser Antilles Dominica and St Thomas   A submarine volcano shocks the southeast coast of St Thomas. Simultaneously, the water in the bay appeared turbid and was clouded by sand and mud. Later that day some ripples troubled the water surface on the south coast of the island lasting for long periods. In Dominica a ship reported high rollers in the harbor rendering communication with the harbor impossible. No earthquake was reported