Strengthening the National Disaster Management System

Strengthening the National Disaster Management System!

The ODM continues efforts to develop and strengthen District Disaster Management Committees. On Tuesday February 23rd the ODM convened a workshop for District Disaster Committee Members of Castle Bruce and Grand Bay to sensitize them about their roles and responsibilities, to reiterate their importance to the national disaster management system while providing assurance of the support of the ODM. Participants were also introduced the 2021-2025 Country Work Programme which is a results-based, climate smart, systematic approach to Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in Dominica. All committees will benefit from these workshops which was the first in a series of upcoming workshops. These committees are expected to provide tremendous support to national preparedness, response and recovery activities while broadening the reach of the Disaster Office in the Districts.

The ODM thank all volunteers for their service over the years and looks forward to their continued support. Congratulations to the recently elected Chairpersons and Deputy Chairs of the newly formed District Committees - Ms. Royette George (Chairperson) and Ashille Grove (Deputy) for Castle Bruce; Mr. Armour Thomas (Chairperson) and Mrs. Shakina Dorival (Deputy) for the Grand Bay District. The ODM encourages the public to volunteer; be a part of the team for District and Community Disaster Committees.