National Emergency Planning Organization (NEPO)

The National Emergency Planning Organization (NEPO) Advisory Committee is the senior Dominican Disaster management body. The general direction and control of the Organization resides with the Honourable Prime Minister through this committee. NEPO is comprised of all participants in national disaster management efforts on island. NEPO Advisory Committee is mandated to develop and recommend policies, plans and guidelines to address issues across all phases of the disaster management cycle for - prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery and rebuilding measures for the Country.

General Responsibilities

  • Ensure that the country is in a state of preparedness at all times

Its areas of planning will, therefore, include:


  • Pass legislation to govern disaster management
  • Drafting Statutory Rules and Orders under the Emergency Powers Act
  • Meet once annually to review and provide disaster management policy and strategy directives for NEPO
  • Manage the National Disaster Plan
  • Assign responsibilities to NEPO
  • Ensure adequate manpower, training and physical resources for emergency operations before, during and after a national disaster
  • Ensure adequate public awareness programmes on disaster preparedness
  • Ensure that vulnerable areas are properly mapped and that a data base exists for effective management action
  • Monitor the activities of the annual disaster work program
  • Advise on the coordination of emergency activities by voluntary organizations, locally and internationally
  • Advise on the coordination and planning of disaster related activities

All correspondence concerning the Organization should be addressed to the Secretary, National Emergency Planning Organization, Office of Disaster Management, Jimmit, Dominica.

NEPO Chair Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit
NEPO Chair Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit